Monday, July 24, 2017

Jilly's Surprise Taxi Ride to the Vet and More!

When I arrived at Jilly's house last Thursday I was alarmed by her lack of interest in broccoli (one of her favorite snacks), walking, and meals so I quickly checked her paws and overall skin condition and got permission to take her to the vet the following day.

During the vet visit she was a happy camper because she not only had the pleasure of meeting the vet's resident hairless cat, Blackie, but she also got lots of treats, love, and a bagful of medication to help combat against a serious skin infection which has affected her paws.


And just when she thought her taxi service was coming to an end she perked right up when we pulled up to a huge window (which she now understands to be McDonald's) to get a cup of

vanilla ice cream! 

Once we got home I created a chart to help me keep close track of her 7 day medication regimen and I also created a sheet to record her medicated shampoo baths! I'm happy to report that she L-O-V-E-S her baths and stands patiently in the tub like the princess that she knows she is!

After following doctor's orders for the past four days Jilly's health has vastly improved and she has gotten a spring in her step while enjoying longer walks than usual with Daisy and me!

A vet check-up will soon follow and I bet she's going to expect ice cream on the ride home!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Maybe, Rufus, Bijoux, and Felix Join the Teacher's Pet Sitting Service Family!

Teacher's Pet Sitting Service experienced a cuteness overload with the addition of dainty little Maybe the rat terrier, at left, her silly brother, Rufus, 

 shy Bijoux, 

and curious Felix for four fun-filled days this week! 

As you can imagine, every visit was pure joy but I believe snuggling was their favorite activity! 

If kennel care isn't a good fit for your pets please consider giving them the opportunity to stay in the comfort of their own home when you can't be there! If you live in the Dover, New Hampshire, area and are in need of professional care for your best friends please visit my website for further information!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Silly Cat Sunday

We all have those moments when we'd rather be with our cat than with people, right?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Daisy and I Look Back on Our First Memories of Our Arrival in Dover, NH

Daisy frequently stops to admire her favorite mural located on First Street in downtown Dover, New Hampshire!
This morning Facebook alerted me that Daisy and I have been Dover, New Hampshire, residents for six years so I quickly copied and pasted my first blog post for you to enjoy! The only business that exists today is Adelle's Coffeehouse but it was fun to look back on the memories we shared while frequenting lovely mom and pop stores for a few years!
I hope you enjoy reading this "vintage" post:

Moving to Dover, New Hampshire, was a dream come true for my treeing walker coon hound, Daisy, because so many shop keepers make sure her life is far from ruff!

For example, the Adelle's Coffeehouse baristas  make sure Daisy stays hydrated.
George of City Hall Market makes sure Daisy gets a good rub down and a treat at every visit!

She also loves to accessorize to her heart's content inside her favorite girly-girl store,

Lucy's Art Emporium, whenever she feels like it!

Moving to Dover may not be pawsible for you and your pooch but you can always shop here anytime you please!