Sunday, August 20, 2017

Silly Cat Sunday

How many of you have cats whose mission is to make it next to imPAWsible for you to make the bed? 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Reasons Why Your Dog Should Adopt a Raw Diet

If I ever saw my dog, Daisy, carrying her prey like this wolf is doing I would be horrified but I would have to remind myself that Daisy is a natural-born carnivore, after all. She needs meat and raw meaty bones just like her cousin's (the wolves) do. She needs to gain energy from fat rather than from carbohydrates like her humans do. 
 A dog’s digestive system is designed in a way that facilitates the digestion of meat, bones and fat, while also eliminating harmful bacteria. 

Many owners believe it is important to purchase dog food containing vegetables and grains but this is a recipe for gas, stomach upset, and excessive waste. 

When I came to the startling realization that a dog’s digestive system is the same as a wolf’s I felt better about Daisy's affinity for raw meaty bones and raw food. 

Even though Daisy has been bred to look and behave differently from wolves, they still digest food the same way as their cousins. Wolves and dogs are natural hunters and they will not stop to boil or bake their prey; instead they rip and tear meat from fresh kill -- their teeth were created to work that way. Heart, lung, liver, and other internal organs are eaten. Bones are crushed to get at the marrow, and bone fragments are eaten as well. 

They use their neck and shoulder muscles as well as their teeth and jaws when they eat raw meaty bones. It’s a great workout, keeps them strong, and adds to their overall health.

Many dog owners fail to give their dog a raw bone (not cooked, ever!) because they fear their dog could choke on them and there certainly is a possibility if we fail to monitor them. However, it is next to impossible for a dog to choke on a bone because dogs have strong digestive enzymes made for the purpose of chewing on raw bones. Canines have teeth made for ripping raw meat and jaws made for crunching raw bones.

One very important thing to note about raw bones is that they must be raw and definitely not cooked because a cooked bone will get soft and splintery and will be dangerous if swallowed. Remember, the dogs digestive system is the same as the wolves and they are made to eat in the raw!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My 9 Item Checklist to Help You Find a Professional Pet Sitter

We live in a society where instant gratification can be achieved by clicking on an app in order to get our needs met in the blink of an eye. I can certainly understand why it is tempting to take advantage of these apps because they save time and money but for me personally (yes, I have a professional pet sitter on hand at anytime I need a lending hand) I would not take advantage of popular pet sitting apps such as, Rover, or DogVacay because sacrificing quality in place of a quick "fix" would not make me comfortable in regards to visiting my pets. 

What concerns me about the individuals on these apps is that they are HOBBY SITTERS; in other words, they may have a genuine love of pets but aren't invested in giving clients professional service. For me, I need someone who considers pet sitting as a career and who is passionate about what they do because my pets are my TOP priority and they deserve the best care possible.

To further help you find that perfect pet sitter I recommend the following:

1) Make a list of everything you need in a sitter and a list of the needs of your pet.   

For example: Does your pet require medication? Would your pet be happier with a male or a female pet sitter? Do you want a pet sitter who will water your plants, take out the trash, etc, at no extra cost?

2) Seek recommendations from your veterinarian and vet techs.
Some vet techs provide pet sitting services for clients at a low cost. Many veterinarians, like those at Northside Animal Hospital in Hooksett, NH, have a community bulletin board where pet sitters advertise their services. 

3) Contact PSI (Pet Sitters International) for referrals
Pet Sitters International offers a certification program for qualified pet sitters.

K9 Kaos, located at 432 6th Street in Dover, NH, has a large inventory of pet supplies for dogs and cats.

4) Speak with employees at your local pet store for recommendations.

Patty had no problem introducing herself to her new pet sitter during her new client meeting!

5) Make sure your potential pet sitter insists on meeting you and your pet in your home before hiring him/her.
I always meet new clients in their home because we want the pets to become familiar with us while making sure I know where everything related to the pet's care is located.

6)Every pet sitter should arrive at your home with paperwork for you to review and complete.
If he does not have these available be sure to leave detailed notes pertaining to the care of your pets so that he can refer to them whenever necessary. Be sure to provide him with contact information, phone numbers and addresses of your vet, and friends and neighbors who can help out if necessary.

7) Make sure he is licensed and bonded and has excellent references and experience.

8) Make certain your pet sitter is able to handle an emergency and is aware of the phone number and location of the nearest veterinary emergency hospital and/or the vet’s office.

If this information has been helpful, please leave feedback! I hope you find your perfect pet sitter just in time for your next vacation!

 9) Be sure your pet sitter promises to communicate with you on regular basis.

I always offer to update clients in whatever form they are most comfortable with so they can rest assured that their pets are safe and happy. For many years, visit logs were popular with my clients but lately their preference has been to receive texts and/or emails.

I hope this list helps you find that perfect pet sitter for your beloved companions! If you can think of any other pet sitting requirements that I missed, please leave a comment below! Thank you! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Why Pred Kitty Thought 9 Days With Her Pet Sitter Was Purrfect

If you know cat medications well you'd know that Pred Kitty got her nickname from the allergy medication, prednisone, that she takes regularly but what you wouldn't know is that this gal was a veterinary hospital mascot until her vet tech mom decided to adopt her or, as the saying goes, Pred Kitty adopted her!

Since Pred Kitty had the pleasure of "working" long hours with her mom and then being at her side at home it was quite an adjustment for her to get used to a new routine of seeing me for nine days while her mom was in Ireland but, as you can see, she soon learned that I was dedicated to giving her plenty of affection, 

                                                                 play time,

                                                      watering holes, 


and even more lap time to make her feel comfortable and loved for 30 - 60 minutes per day! 

If your cat would prefer to have an in-home pet sitter rather than stay in a boarding facility while you are on vacation please consider contacting Teacher's Pet Sitting Service in Dover, New Hampshire, to take care of his or her every need!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Silly Cat Sunday

Has your cat ever given you "that look" that makes you question your decision making skills? 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

10 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind During Summer Cookouts

During the summer my dog, Daisy, loves to sniff around the grill and who can blame her? Getting hot dogs from the grill makes her very happy but I also have to keep in mind that cookouts can be dangerous so I will print this list (and you should too!) to keep her safe from harm.

Do you have other cookout safety tips that I forgot to mention that you'd like to add? Please leave a comment below! Thank you!