Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's Our 5 Year Doverversary Today!

Daisy frequently stops to admire her favorite mural located on First Street in downtown Dover, New Hampshire!
Early this morning a Facebook post alerted me that Daisy and I have been Dover, New Hampshire, residents for five years on this very day so I quickly looked up my first blog post about our travels in this great city! All of the shops have closed except Adelle's Coffeehouse but others have since been established and we have been delighted to introduce ourselves to the shop owners nearly every day!

I hope you enjoy reading this "vintage" post:


Moving to Dover, New Hampshire, was a dream come true for my treeing walker coon hound, Daisy, because so many shop keepers make sure her life is far from ruff!

For example, the Adelle's Coffeehouse baristas  make sure Daisy stays hydrated.


George of City Hall Market makes sure Daisy gets a good rub down and a treat at every visit!

She also loves to accessorize to her heart's content inside her favorite girly-girl store,

Lucy's Art Emporium, whenever she feels like it!

Moving to Dover may not be pawsible for you and your pooch but you can always shop here anytime you please!

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