Monday, July 3, 2017

4th of July Pet Safety Advice That Pet Care Professionals Wish You Wouldn't Ignore

Please don't let your dog become a statistic this 4th of July weekend by letting him out off-leash EVEN IN A FENCED IN YARD! Scared dogs will find a way to escape especially if they're out when the fireworks are popping! Bear in mind that fireworks are bound to happen LONG BEFORE the scheduled town fireworks show because many like to "practice" setting them off at random times throughout the day so my advice is to keep your dog ON A LEASH and get those walks done long before festivities begin so they're tired and comfortable!

Also, please do a thorough search of the screens on your porch and home to be sure they are securely fastened! Cats get just as scared as dogs do during the fireworks display as dogs do and will escape in any way possible! If your cats are indoor/outdoor cats this is NOT the time to let them outdoors for the evening BUT since I'm a worrier I would suggest keeping them in throughout the ENTIRE WEEKEND because, again, neighbors love "practicing" setting off fireworks at random times throughout the day! 

Be mindful of where your pets are when your guests open and close doors because it only takes a second for your four-legged friends to escape from the unfamiliar lights and sounds of the fireworks! To avoid this from happening my suggestion would be to KEEP YOUR PETS IN AN ENCLOSED ROOM WITH THE WINDOWS AND CURTAINS SHUT  and then turn the air conditioner and stereo on to drown out the unfamiliar noises.

I know Fourth of July safety suggestions have been posted all over the internet in the last few days but I hope I mentioned something unique that will stay on your mind before the festivities begin!

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